Urban & Rural Homes

Remote / Uban & Rural homes

Every Broadworth Home is built with time proven care and precision. Built as a complete unit under quality controlled factory conditions, each home is constructed from the floor up, around a strong Steel frame, to become a complete, fully integrated unit, ready for secure transport to your site.

Whether you have a design or not you can sit with our qualified architect and design your new home or you can choose from one of our already proven homes. As a customer, If you want to take a hands on role in your home purchase you can save money by submitting council applications, part organizing on site works. Or you can leave the whole thing to us.
As the owner builder, you can let Broadworth Homes do as much or as little of the work required.

Some of the many benefit of choosing Broadworth for your remote or rural home include-

  •     Superior Truecore steel floor, wall and roof framing (up to 50 year guarantee) made by Australian Steel Framing
  •     Every structural component is impervious to white ants and borers
  •     Complete Engineer certification
  •     BASIX compliant
  •     Precision factory controlled build
  •     Full home transport and installation available including services connection, carports, storage sheds etc
  •     Reduced on site time
  •     Reduced on site costs
  •     Complete house packages
  •     Owner Builder support and supplied to any stage
  •     Committed after sales service