Steel Frames

Broadworth homes use steel frames made from Truecore supplied by Australian Steel Framing. Benefits of their Steel

Building System include-

-  Fully designed and tested to Australian Standards
-  Will not warp, twist, shrink or rot – no inherent weaknesses such as knots or cracks
-  Reduced builder call-backs – no shrinkage, popping nails or rippled walls, ceilings or roofs
-  Termite and insect resistant
-  Fire resistant – non combustible
-  Always remains straight and true
-  No roof sag – engineered pre-cambering ensures no more wavy rooflines
-  Easy frame erection – lightweight and accurate frames are safe to handle and nail on-site
-  Easy brick and tile fixing
-  Easier electrical cabling and plumbing – prepunched holes in studs and plates for faster roughing-in
-  Complete steel construction including wall frames, trusses and flooring system