Modular Commerical

Modular commercial buildings

Broadworth Homes offers a practical and cost effective range of purpose built modular buildings for most commercial applications including-

  •     Classrooms
  •     Libraries
  •     Administration centres
  •     Amenities buildings
  •     Kindergartens and pre schools
  •     Holiday Cabins and Lodgings
  •     Motels
  •     Dormitory accommodation
  •     Retail

Broadworth’s unique approach centres on a flexible manufacturing process to design and build a project specific to your needs. Some of the many benefits of a Broadworth modular commercial building are -

  •     Superior structural steel construction made from Truecore steel by Australian Steel Framing
  •     In-house architect to meet your custom design needs
  •     Complete Engineer certification
  •     Latest computer design technology
  •     Precision factory controlled build
  •     Full building transport, installation and services connection can be included or excluded
  •     Reduced on site costs
  •     Assistance with local & state approvals
  •     Committed after sales service